Design Services

Vivienne James’ design services span a wide range of skills, and can be applied to many different design situations. She has worked for a diverse spectrum of clients, both residential and commercial. Vivienne works to harmonize her client’s requirements and uniqueness, with her own creative flair and experienced understanding of design for living and work spaces. One of Vivienne’s greatest talents, is her ability to listen and understand her clients. Your input and character is immensely important to creating the spaces that reflect you, even if you have little or no flair for design. Vivienne builds rapport to guide, direct, and draw out your uniqueness in her design. Vivienne has found that so many potential design problems can be avoided by working with her clients in the early stages of a project– if you are still in the planning stage now is a perfect time to contact Vivienne and go over concepts and designs.

Often Vivienne can highlight design issues that may cause significant problems down the track, and help by suggesting solutions, usually saving you time, money and annoyance.

Her expertise will help you with.

  • Total Design Concepts
  • Interior/Exterior Colour Co-ordination
  • Furnishings and Fabrics
  • Room Balancing / Furniture Placement
  • Floor Plan Reviews
  • Lighting and Flooring
  • Custom Window Treatments

Contact Vivienne today about your project.